Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Valorie Perkins Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nancy J. & Nikki C. for winning these splendid pieces at our September meeting!  Thanks to all for their generosity to this effort.

Fall Offerings

We are very excited to announce our next Scholarship drawing offerings.  Two fully stitched AND finished pieces have been donated by our extraordinary chapter member, Linda D.


The first piece is a wonderful Black Cat on a Pumpkin Sampler fashioned into a lovely box.  Many clever stitches and specialty fibers are included into this design.


For those who purchase tickets for this drawing there is a second chance!  If your ticket is not drawn for the Black Cat Pumpkin Sampler, we have a door ornament that will be a second drawing the same evening.


The fanciful background fabrics used on these pieces are beyond amazing!  Both pieces will be perfect for your Halloween decorating.  A huge THANKS to Linda for these fabulous contributions!

FINE Print:  Tickets for these items will be sold at the next two General meetings and are $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00.  You do not need to be present for the drawing on September 12, 2011 to be eligible. If the winner is not present the ticket number will be published in the next newsletter. To claim your piece you will simply call or e-mail Denise K. to make arrangements. 100% of the proceeds from this fund go to a Seminar Scholarship for one of our chapter members.  The drawing for the Scholarship award will be held prior to the Region Seminar 2012, A Touch of Glass in Tacoma, Washington.