Monday, September 15, 2014

October Meeting information - Two Needle Peyote

Two Needle Peyote Program

For our October meeting Billie will be teaching the two needle beading method.  It’s a great easy way to start beading and also produces a neat tight edge to the beading.

There will be a kit given out that will include:
Two Beading needle
Beading thread
Two different colors of beads

You should bring your own light, magnifier, scissors and a cloth or beading sheet.

The plan is to bead a ring of embellishments on top and special picos on the edges.  It won’t take forever to complete this project  -  probably be done before you even go home that night.  If you would like to bead a companion bracelet later then you will be well educated to do it. 

If you e-mail Billie with you bead color request – the Kit will be customized for you -  If not then you will receive a nice selection of color choices. 

Picture of our September Sharing Table. Beautiful works from out members