Sunday, October 28, 2012

Materials to bring:
Red Hardanger 6"x 6"
#5 white pearl cotton
#8 white pearl cotton
#4 silver Krenik Braid
Any color of Hardanger cloth can be used as well as the color of pearl cotton.  Lugana may be used, but the ornament will be slightly larger.  I have a couple of red pieces if any one wants to have them.  (First come, first serve.)
Instructions on how to get to the petite projects on the National EGA site.  You will find the instructions for the hardanger wreath project.  (If you don't have a computer or have trouble finding it, let me know and I will print one for you.)
Go to the EGA web  on the upper right hand corner in the blue section it says LOGIN.  Click on it.
Put in your user name which is your EGA number and your password  WEareEGA.
Then you can look at the petite projects that are listed under the "Members Only" line on the dark blue at the top.
Move the mouse over to Members Only and drop down one level to Petite projects.
If the projects are highlighted in red, then it is available to download as a pdf file-all FREE to members.
The Hardanger Wreath is on that list, just download it.

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